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What Women Want 2011 Online Subtitrat

What Women Want is a 2011 Chinese romantic comedy film remake of the 2000 American film What Women Want. Set in modern day Beijing, What Women Want starts with Sun (Andy Lau) as the eccentric creative director who thinks he knows all about women, and so confident in himself that his ego takes a hit upon learning that his chance for promotion has been snatched by Li (Gong Li), whom the company has hired to provide a new perspective for a creative company that is much dominated by men. The gorgeous and confident Li immediately takes control of the direction of the company and Sun, finds not only his career in peril but is also having difficulties trying to communicate with her rebellious daughter. One night, Sun accidentally electrocutes himself when testing some women products and wakes up in a hospital discovering that he could read women’s thoughts, at first shocked with his newfound magical abilities, he soon utilizes his powers to put himself in an advantage against his competition with Li, but eventually he learns to listen more intently to his colleagues, father, daughter and eventually starts to reflect on his previous attitude and values towards life.

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